"The “communion” of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit, as divine Trinity, the “communion of the Holy Spirit” which introduces man into divine life, and the “communion” or “community” which is then created between men in Christ, not only are designated with the same term, but, ultimately, represent the same spiritual experience and reality. The Church is not simply a society of human beings, associated with each other by common beliefs and goals; it is a koinonia in God and with God. And if God Himself were not a Trinitarian koinonia, if He were not three Persons, the Church could never be an association of persons, irreducible to each other in their personal identity. Participation in divine life would be nothing more than a Neoplatonic or Buddhist integration in to an impersonal “One.”
The very specific “oneness” realized in the Eucharistic koinonia, is,par excellence, a gift of the Holy Spirit."
John Meyebdorff, Byzantine Theology

Stockholm, Sweden, 1880’s

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Valensole Plain, France (by Margarita Almpanezou)

Reflection on the water -   c. 1900 - (Via)
"The Inconceivable is conceived in the womb of a Virgin; the Unmeasurable becomes three cubits high, the Unqualifiable acquires a quality; the Undefinable stands up, sits down, and lies down; He who is everywhere is put into a crib; He who is above time gradually reaches the age of twelve; He who is formless appears with the shape of a man, and the Incorporeal enters a body… Therefore, He is describable and indescribable."
Theodore the Studite’s defense of icons

Title: Good Morning Artist: MajeedBadizadegan ( http://ift.tt/1tNM1eM )



Excavation of the Sphinx, circa 1850

Mystical Forest, Hampstead Heath, England
photo via jacki